Relieve Stress Naturally with Yoga Nidra

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra, an ancient tantric practice which translates to ‘yogic or psychic sleep‘, is a deep meditative relaxation that releases tensions on all levels of being. It is a truly holistic approach to extreme relaxation and stress reduction, while also helping you to cultivate the ‘silent witness’ (shakshi ) within, stimulate your 3rd eye (anja) chakra, while taking you on a guided journey through the 3 states of consciousness (wake, dream, and sleep), into a deeper state of deep relaxation and bliss (ananda).

In Yoga Nidra we disembody and leave our egos completely behind and with it their associated troubles, worries and uncertainties (pratyahara). Stress (aka resistance) manifests physically in 3 ways; as muscular tension, emotional tension, and mental tension. Yoga Nidra helps you melt tension, from all levels of your being.

Benefits of a regular Yoga Nidra practice:

• Release suppressed emotions and feelings
• Stimulates 3rd eye and awakens
• Stimulates natural relaxation response to reduce stress naturally
• Activates alpha and theta brain waves for higher creativity, clarity, and relaxation
• Improved memory and clarity of mental functions
• Cultivate mind-body-energy awareness
• Proven to remedy anxiety and stress-related disorders such as PTSD
• Serotonin produced (mood enhanced)
• Increased immune function
• Trigger (HGH) (fountain of youth)
• Investigates subconscious beliefs, personality, and self-identity
• Rest peacefully in a deep state of bliss (ananda)
• Cultivate the ‘silent witness’ (shakshi )
• Re-condition your subconscious mind

As your guide, I lead you systematically through each level of consciousness, while maintaining full conscious awareness. This allows you to interact with your unconscious mind to allow self-healing and your positive intention (sankalpa) to manifest at a core level.

Sarah’s relaxing voice and calm spirit leave you in a state of peaceful relaxation . She asks you to set an intention for something you’d like to work on in your life as she guides you into a state of conscious sleep, which allows your subconscious mind to solve issues in a positive way. I struggle with insomnia and Sarah’s Yoga Nidra class really helps me. I can see how with regular practice this can be life altering! After reading Sarah’s story and seeing how her practice helped her transform her life in such a positive way, I plan on making this a regular practice in my life. I have practiced meditation for a few years now, however, Yoga Nidra is different and I highly recommend Sarah. 
-Namaste Barbara Evins

Click here to download your Yoga Nidra guided meditation to your smartphone, ipod, tablet or any other digital recording device. Listen to it at home, when your traveling on the road, or anytime you need to relieve stress naturally!

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