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EVOLVE is self-mastery and spiritual transformation on steroids and your gateway to transforming all areas of your life, rapidly, by accessing higher levels of consciousness. Sarah’s divinely guided and proven techniques help you shed layers of fear, ego, and sabotage for rapid growth and transformation! This program is for you if you’re ready to break free from what is weighing you down and take full responsibility for your role in co-creating your reality. DETAILS + JOIN!

Awakenedpreneur (Group Coaching)

Are you ready to overcome fraud syndrome once and for all step up as the spiritual leader you know you are born to be? This group coaching program is for you if you’re a badass spiritual leader, messenger, teacher, healer, lightworker or coach committed to going BIG (like scary big!) with your message to align fully with your Soul’s mission and make a massive global impact with your gift!  GET ON THE WAITLIST!

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