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 Sacred Leader Academy

Are you ready to step boldly into your purpose-driven mission as the sacred leader and conscious influencer you came here to be so you can uplift/heal humanity with your unique talent, gift, and message? Sacred Leader Academy is for you if you’re a spiritual rebel and teacher/healer at your core and you’re ready to grow, launch and scale a Soul-aligned business online that allows you to make a global impact while creating a freedom-based lifestyle doing what you love!   DETAILS + APPLY


EVOLVE is spiritual healing and transformation is your gateway to transforming all areas of your life by accessing higher levels of consciousness. Sarah’s channeled guidance will help you shed layers of fear, ego, and self-sabotage for rapid growth and transformation! This program is for you if you’re ready to break free from the matrix and take full responsibility for your role in co-creating your life experiences. DETAILS + JOIN!

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