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Mindfulness Series (2 of 3): Mindfulness as a Basis For Manifesting + 2 Simple Techniques

In today's Wellness Wednesday video I discuss mindfulness and how cultivating it in your life raises your vibrational "set point" which is key if you are wanting to manifest what you truly desire in your life. You are vibrating at a frequency, and mindfulness is a technique that allows you to raise that frequency when [...]

Mindfulness Series (1 of 3): 2 Simple Mindfulness Techniques Without Sitting in Meditation!

If you're like most people,  one of the top healthy habits you want to cultivate is meditation, BUT you often get frustrated with the process of meditation (in the formal sense of the word at least) or claim you don't have time (the ego LOVES this excuse). Therefore you never give it more than a [...]

Your Brain On Change (3 Obstacles To Transformation & Creating Healthy Habits!)

Fear is unique as it's an instinctual survival mechanism and also an emotion. Fear is good when it detours us from walking down a dark alley and gets us home safely. But when it urges us to avoid non-lethal risks, adventures, change or hinders our ability to pursue our dreams it stiffens our spirit and disempowers [...]

Test Your Manifesting Abilities!

Welcome back to Wellness Wednesday! Today I wanted to chat with you about one of my favorite topics...MANIFESTING! Manifesting has been highly popularized since The Secret came out in 2006. But did you know you're manifesting all day every day whether you know it or not? However, there is a science and formula to manifesting, and [...]