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Bare Naked Nails–Ditch the ‘Toxic Trio’ and Go O’Naturale

Is your mani-pedi toxic? The answer is most likely yes! I like my bi-weekly mani-pedi’s as much as the next girl but unfortunately nail polish contains carcinogenic ingredients linked to serious health risks such cancers including leukemia, asthma, birth defects and spontaneous abortion to name a few! While the European Union has stricter laws and [...]

A Healthful Hiatus

Is it time to clear your calendar? It’s been several weeks since the last blog post and that is by no accident I can assure you!  No sooner than I completed my last assignment for my nutritional supplement course at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) my bags were packed and I checked one [...]

Free Your Mind & Inner Artist

Do you have an inner artist? I challenge you to find out and get your creative juices flowing. Okay so I’m pretty impressed with the fruits of my labor from my first acrylic painting art class. I’ve painted acrylic once before but this was my first time with an instructor.   For Valentines Day my boyfriend [...]

Eat Clean and Make Healthy Food Choices-Become a Non-GMO Tipper

The damage that Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) have (or will have) on us and future generations is at best simply unknown at this time At worst GMO’s pose to be a major catalyst in direct relation to serious health risks. The use of GMOs in industrialized farming techniques backed by biotech giants such as Monsanto pose immediate threats to the sustainability of a healthy [...]