“Before working with Sarah, I struggled in the exhaustion of how “hard” it was to build a prosperous soul-aligned business online. Sarah’s Sacred Leader program spoke to my soul and moved me to tears. She opened my eyes to the ease of leveraging “the lighthouse effect” to attract my soulmate clients. In the first week of the program, Sarah’s wisdom and support reignited my fire as a lightworker and spiritual teacher. Immediately, my energy up-leveled and I attracted new clients in the same week! Now I have a blueprint and the platform for my online coaching program that aligns with who I really am, the value of my gifts, the souls I am meant to serve and the lifestyle I deserve. No more playing small! Sarah walks her talk and is a true model of sacred leadership. She takes the value of spiritual alignment and entrepreneurship to a whole new level.” Linda Sulvita

“I’m forever grateful that the Universe connected Sarah and I! Working with her has been life changing! Who she is, what she stands for, and how powerfully she serves the mantle of her mission,  I’m telling you…. it is undeniably divine! Dreams that I’ve tucked away in my heart have now been unleashed and they are unfolding beautifully because of her commitment to serve soulfully minded entrepreneurs. I can’t recommend her enough! The way she works is like no other I’ve experienced. I love that she isn’t cookie cutter and how she guides you is individualistic, 100% spiritually on point, and so very practical and simplified. Since being a part of SLA, I feel more empowered, incredibly confident, and so aligned even deeper with myself and my calling. Anyone who gets to work with her will receive priceless transformation in every sense of that personally and in your business! –Jessica Velazquez

‘This has been the best investment I have ever made for my spiritual business. Sarah is awake, conscious and knows exactly where and how to guide me towards the next phase. She’s exactly what I was looking for!! Sarah is kind, smart, and is patient which is so key when it comes to building something with a strong foundation. I’m so glad the universe guided me to her! I’m grateful to you Sarah! I love working with you and would recommend any entrepreneur trying to up their game in all things spiritual and entrepreneurial to work with her!!” — Sapna Desai

“Please trust that inner knowing. I met Sarah approximately a month ago and my life/business has already transformed. I can’t stress enough how life-changing this experience has been. Pure magic! Thank you, Sarah!” — Lyndsay Diamond

“I can’t tell you how amazing it is lately to have these sessions with you. I’m growing leaps and bounds as a coach and a spiritual teacher. I am now the most confident I’ve ever been in launching my own coaching business and I LOVE having you as a coach. I’m so grateful that I found you on Instagram because it was, of course, like I was meant to see and resonate with your message and I’m meant to go on to incorporate some of what I’m learning into my teachings and how I help women. It’s really beautiful. You will not regret hiring Sarah – it’s the best money I’ve spent and investment in my spiritual growth and business.” –Donna Jean

“I want to thank you for everything you do with EVOLVE, I am truly grateful for this program, and all you have done for me.  You and EVOLVE have been a catalyst in my growth. I really want you to know how much you have helped me!! So so much, you could say I have EVOLVED!!! Thank you for this place you created for safe healing and growth!! Sarah, you are an inspiration and an incredible mentor!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything, you truly helped me find my way on my life long journey of self-discovery.” –Kristen M.

“Every word, emotion, and experience Sarah shared led me to an instant breakthrough AND the biggest breakthrough of MY LIFE! I would HIGHLY recommend her expertise and guidance to anyone in the middle of the cosmic chaos or a life transition. I love you, Sarah Rose. Keep shining. Love & light.”–Prerna K.

“I cannot thank you enough for how you helped transform my life. I started working with you wanting to lose weight. I lost 12 lbs but I also healed at a deeper level as you brought out the real issues that I needed to deal with. Thank you, thank you! You are amazing. You have opened my creative side as well…as now I’m just going for it! I’m now shining my light.” Stephanie R.

“I have been working with Sarah as my personal coach and she is Ah-Mazing!!!!! She has helped me through a very difficult time and has taught me the tools that I need to get un-stuck, dissolve my fears, and to be in the flow. I HIGHLY recommend Sarah if you are looking for a coach or you just need some guidance or if you need to be called out on your sh*t. LOL. Life is too precious to be living in Fear, Doubt, and a Scarcity…WTF? Where’s the Fun?” –Lisa A.

“I’m so stoked for ALL of the growth that has come from working with Sarah! If you have ever thought, ‘Wait, is she speaking directly to me?’ She totally is! If you’re ready to get in there and dig through the shit, EVOLVE is for YOU!!! You won’t regret it!” –Jessica R.

“Absolutely love Sarah!!! After only a few weeks of working with her, I have made huge shifts in my life and I’m finally able to see my hopes and dreams starting to come to life! I highly recommend Sarah, if you’re looking to finally clear your path, get out of your own way and learn to trust yourself this is where you need to be! The best personal investment I have ever made for myself!” –Kristen M.

“OHMYGOODNESS! I went shopping yesterday and I am down an entire size! Like not just getting it on, down a size, but super comfy in the new size down a size! And my bathing suit bottoms were down TWO sizes! Benefits of honoring me!!! I’m so stoked for ALL of the growth (and shrinkage) that has come from working with Sarah! If you have ever thought, ‘Wait, is she speaking directly to me?’ She totally is! You won’t regret it! ” —Jessica R. 

“Since I’ve started working with Sarah, I’ve lost weight, quit sugar, and made fitness and clean eating a new habit! Mainly, I feel empowered more than ever to take full accountability for myself and make healthier choices. I can finally see where I keep myself “stuck”! Thank you, Sarah!” —Jamie M.

Just finished a coaching call with Miss Sarah… it’s crazy how many Ah-ha moments I was able to have. Pretty damn impressed. I have some serious gratitude for having Sarah in my life. You have an undeniable gift for sifting through my deeply rooted bullshit- (listening skills). With such ease, you quickly helped me find major clarity. Narrowed down a core belief that I couldn’t put my finger on for 39 years. Even with all the self-help and reading, retreats, etc I’ve experienced, I wasn’t able to achieve what we did in that 1 1/2 hours!! Why did I freakin wait this long???? Today, I can say that I’m otw. I am ready & open to receive the knowledge and guidance to grow a life of abundance and joy- you seriously amaze me!”Jackie M.

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving me what I needed right now. I see myself doing all of the incredible, amazing things I am called to do, that lights me up, and for the first time in a long time, the fear voice is silent. She has nothing to say about it right now because spirit is flowing through me so fluidly. And your guidance is a key factor in this.”Donna H.

“I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep tonight if I didn’t sign up. I enjoyed our call so much and know that you will lead me to knowledge, growth, and getting beyond the bullshit- 40 years is long enough to carry that! I turn 41 January 26 and I’m ready to kick ass!” Jessica R.

On last week’s call, you helped me so much! I knew I had already shifted but had worries that I was falling backward. You were beautiful support and I had such a positive week full of inspiration. I appreciate you a lot.” –Ariana F.

So much of what you are saying is striking a chord within my heart and spirit. Your coaching has illuminated a lot of stuff for me and is really making me look inward and analyze why I do the things I do. I believe we are sent special people to help us along our way and that you are one of those people for me. I look forward to learning so much more. I’m not where I should be yet, but thank God, I am not where I used to be!” –Jeanne B.

Sarah has an innate ability to see my highest potential and hold me accountable to the ways I’ve sabotaged myself or tried to hide from what I needed to face in order to grow. Since I’ve taken Sarah’s coaching program I’ve been meditating and journaling regularly and I’m so much more self-aware now and able to see for myself what I need to work on, and where I get in my own way. Within the first year of working with Sarah, I’ve tripled my income, I eat healthier and transformed my body–now in the best shape of my life!, hired a personal trainer, joined a business mastermind, upgraded my piece of crap car to a BMW, and I’m able to have money left over to help out my family. Most of all my confidence and drive have soared to new heights! I don’t think you can be in Sarah’s presence without her getting you out of your comfort zone, lol in a good way. Thank you, Sarah!” –Gabriel S.

I was in a struggle with some things in my attempt at manifestation and the ideas and concepts presented really helped me to get clarity around my next steps. Thanks, Sarah!” –Eric R.

I can’t believe I get to take part in this fantastic training with you and the other participants! I feel so lucky! I had a dream about the past and I’m looking forward to releasing it and being in a grateful place, moving forward, letting go of resentments which no longer serve me, patterns which are repeating, and actively reparenting myself. Much warm gratitude and admiration for your Process. I think its really going to work this time.” –Julia B.

“Sarah is an excellent coach for many reasons. She asks very specific questions, that help you get to the heart of what you need so self-inquiry about. She’s a no-bullshit coach which I am drawn to, yet still guides with understanding and compassion. The tools, tips, and knowledge she provides propelled my breakthrough in days. I am now the most confident I’ve ever been in launching my own coaching business, and love having her as a coach! You will not regret hiring her-it’s the best money I’ve spent and an investment in my spiritual growth.”-Donna H.

“Our Spiritual Journeys never end!!! Thank you for being a part of mine! You are the best spiritual coach and my life would be completely different if I never had spoken to you! You are AMAZING!!! Thank you for guiding my way!” Namaste. –Casey S.

“I feel so at peace inside! I set my intention for the perfect job on Sunday and accepted an amazing offer on Friday! My life is taking a huge turn in a direction I couldn’t even believe possible a month ago! The anger and bitterness I was harboring are dissipating. I am happy and I believe in myself, where I had no faith before I now have confidence.–Kristin M.

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