spiritual laws

Go BOLD AF and 10X your freedom-based business with is spiritual strategy!

Are you playing it safe? It’s time for a BOLD spiritual strategy to catapult your business forward! In this livestream, I share how to 10x your business and GO BOLD! I’m all about mixing spiritual + strategy and I’m sharing how to use a powerful spiritual strategy in a practical way by calling in your sacred action. This same exercise [...]

Are you in? Let’s play a game and test your manifesting skills shall we?!

Time to create massive shifts in what you are manifesting! In this livestream, I help you test your manifesting abilities. You can transform your life and make massive shifts when you start working with spiritual laws like consciously because you are a powerful co-creator with the Universe. I’m going to PROVE to you that you are a [...]

3rd pillar of manifesting + Top 2 intentions to manifest at the highest level!

Ensure your intentions are manifesting at the highest level!! In this week’s live stream, I share the 3rd pillar of manifesting…INTENTION, and the top 2 intentions to ensure you are manifesting at the highest level! My new group program launches on October 10th!! Click here to get instant access to the program + $1627 in bonuses before they expire! Per usual, [...]