Mindfulness Series (2 of 3): Mindfulness as a Basis For Manifesting + 2 Simple Techniques

The 411 on Mindfulness Series (2 of 3) In today’s Wellness Wednesday video I discuss mindfulness and how cultivating it in your life raises your vibrational “set point” which is key if you are wanting to manifest what you truly desire in your life. You are vibrating at a frequency, and mindfulness is a technique [...]

Learn to Meditate- Effective Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Welcome back to Wellness Wednesday! In today’s Wellness Wednesday video I answer a question from a newsletter subscriber, “Is there a right or wrong way to meditate?” Meditation is a valuable tool that helps us train our mind to stay focused in the present moment, raise our vibration, and reduce stress and anxiety naturally.  In this video [...]

Learn How To Meditate + Guided Meditations and Yoga Nidra

Did you know 90% of your choices are driven by your subconscious and most people only consciously choose their own thoughts and beliefs 10% of the time?! Your subconscious thoughts and beliefs (which are largely shaped by the age of 7) are driving the train most of the time and we are just passengers along for the ride, reacting [...]