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Spiritual Speaker

As a certified yoga teacher, mindfulness coach, energy healer, intuitive channel and serial entrepreneur and businesswoman, Sarah has a unique blend of skills and experiences that resonate with the busy modern woman that is looking to live a more aligned,  spiritual, and holistic lifestyle.

Hire Sarah to speak at your next corporate meeting, conference, wellness event, or to be a host at your next wellness and/or yoga retreat.  Sarah is an expert on holistic wellness and living a healthy lifestyle in body, mind, energy, and spirit. Some of her favorite topics to speak on include setting up a sacred spiritual practice, conscious living, the neuroscience behind manifesting, the spiritual awakening process, her 4-Step Yin/Yang Sales Cycle, 7-Pillar Manifesting Formula, spiritual alchemy, how to communicate with Soul guidance for instant clarity, and she loves helping modern women living a fast-paced lifestyle ditch the hustle and burnout to experience success with grace, ease, and flow.


Sarah’s interview for the Embrace Your Divine Spark conference. Sarah speaks specifically on how her spiritual awakening impacted her as a businesswoman and entrepreneur, coming full circle in her hero’s journey to get her gift out to the world, and the importance of energy alchemy for all lightworkers and spiritual warriors called to heal and raise the consciousness of the planet.  Listen to Sarah’s interview here

On Sarah’s wisdom-packed interview with Bejewelled Podcast, she talks specifically about the importance of living a holistic lifestyle, coming into alignment in with Divine Masculine energy, healing childhood wounds and the power of forgiveness, the process of spiritual alchemy and turning your kryptonite to gold, healing energetically for lasting transformation, and raising consciousness to cultivate an abundant mindset. Listen to Sarah’s interview here

Television Host, On-Air Talent, Ambassador

Sarah is available for commercials, as a holistic or spiritual correspondent, and/or TV host, brand ambassador or holistic lifestyle spokesperson. Contact directly for consideration.

If you’re looking for a complete retreat package Sarah partners with some of the best yoga-style and wellness resorts around the world and can provide a complete turnkey package including her services, meals, accommodations, and additional activities for your attendees. Please contact directly to inquire.

*Sarah is very selective and will not consider companies or brands that support factory farming or animal exploitation, use GM ingredients, or inhibit a clean non-toxic lifestyle in any way. Sarah prefers to work with eco-friendly, cruelty-free, fair trade and conscious lifestyle brands and companies that positively impact today’s modernized society. 

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