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Meet Sarah!

Sarah is blazing a trail for ambitious women and conscious leaders worldwide looking to catapult their purpose-driven life business, mission, and beyond to new heights – on their own terms!

As a spiritual transformation coach and divine business strategist, energy healer, podcast host, and inspirational speaker, Sarah is a growth and transformation catalyst to women that are coming into alignment, personally and professionally, with their passions, purpose, mission and highest version of themself. She is your no-BS + wise spiritual Soul sister and the mentor you’ve been looking for. Her genius is facilitating Soul-shifting breakthroughs and transformations to help you clear the energetic blocks, limiting beliefs, and sabotaging patterns keeping you stuck.

Sarah’s mission is to help 10 million women overcome fraud syndrome and self-sabotage so they can courageously step into their power and align their life + business with their highest truth to make a massive impact in the world with their gifts.

Sarah’s mission is to help 10 million spiritual entrepreneurs, teachers, healers, and concious leaders overcome fraud syndrome and self-sabotage so they can courageously step onto the path of service and share their gift with the world to help heal the planet and raise consciousness.

Currently living in Phoenix with her 2 dogs, Sarah attracts a loyal online community of women curious about what she teaches next. Sarah is a true thought leader in her industry of conscious entrepreneurship, spiritual growth and self-mastery.

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