About Sarah aka “The Spiritual CEO”

As a Spiritual Transformation Coach, Soul Work Catalyst, and Intuitive Channel, Sarah helps women entrepreneurs and visionaries ditch the “hustle” and grind so they can build their empire, make a massive impact in the world, plus manifest their healthy freedom lifestyle with balance, ease, and flow versus force and struggle.

Sarah combines mind-body healing modalities such as yoga nidra, meditation, mindfulness, and energy healing. She bridges modern neuroscience techniques with ancient/spiritual wisdom to help you re-wire your brain, re-condition your subconscious, while also working with spiritual laws in a practical way.

Sarah’s gift as an intuitive channel helps her to connect with her “Spirit Team” so her clients hear exactly what they need for their personal and spiritual growth process.

Sarah started teaching after transforming her life from only $300 to her name, mounting debt, foreclosures, bankruptcy, daily anxiety, and years of stress-fueled health crises including candida, SIBO, leaky gut, 28 food allergies, hormone imbalance, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, mild depression, hypothyroid, weakened immune function, and pneumonia.

She has transformed her health, business, and life on all levels and reclaimed her worthiness from a dysfunctional and abusive childhood through the power of radical forgiveness, self-love, self-acceptance, and working with Spirit!

Sarah is now THRIVING and living an empowered lady boss lifestyle on her own terms while traveling and fulfilling her life purpose as a Spiritual Coach/Mentor and inspiration to women all over the world.

She credits her success with making a BOLD decision to change her trajectory. She began working intentionally and consistently with the #1 spiritual law that changed everything…and it’s NOT the Law of Attraction. In fact…Sarah teaches until you master this spiritual law, the LOA will work against you, NOT for you!

What is this manifesting principle that will shift your entire experience too? It’s the foundation for Sarah’s private coaching, programs, and courses…And it’s a GAME CHANGER!

She began working with the Spiritual Law of Correspondence, which states your inner reality=your outer reality.

As within, so without,
as above, so below!

AND PSST…there are no short cuts!

Currently living in Phoenix with her 3 dogs (yes 3!), Sarah attracts a loyal online community of women curious about what she teaches next.

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