30 Lifestyle Tips For a High-Vibe Lifestyle

You are an energetic being on a spiritual path whether you know it or not. You manifest your life script and you are always attracting and creating your life experience.

The question then becomes…do you manifest on purpose creating from a place of empowered conscious choice, or by way of conditioning, old habits and limiting beliefs?

I believe part of why you incarnated in this lifetime,

…on planet Earth,

…in this physical 3rd dimension,

…is because you desire to THRIVE and enjoy a life rich in experience,

…while working with the energies of the Universe,

…to manifest not only a life you LOVE,

…but a life of purpose and meaning,

…ultimately to self-realize your true nature and divine essence within.

Until you CHOOSE to manifest consciously, with awareness and intention, you are creating by default and at the mercy of your ego.

People can spend their entire lifetime “protecting” themselves from fear-based beliefs of lack, scarcity and not being enough (these are the three biggies), and the kicker is this is largely done unknowingly! 

If you’re reading this blog post you’re probably wanting to manifest more of something in your life. Abundance of some kind. Maybe it’s more money, or more fun, more free time, more confidence, more trust in your Self, more leisure time with friends or family, more time traveling, a better job, etc. Whatever kind of abundance you want to manifest, it’s important to first understand that abundance, just like yourself, is an energy and vibration frequency. In order to line up with your desires you’ll have to clear your vibration of low denser energies to match your higher desires and attract what you truly want into your life. In other words. manifesting requires a de-cluttering physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.  

So what does this mean? It means regardless on how much you meditate or engage in Reiki sessions, eat clean food, or repeat affirmations…your vibration and manifesting abilities will only be as high as your  willingness and ability to let go of everything no longer serving you. Quite simply, “the art of manifesting and living a high vibe lifestyle is a self-healing process” (Click to tweet). The vibration of latent negative emotions left unhealed or unresolved karmic patterns will resurface and draw to you experiences for you to learn and grow until they are brought to completion. 

…of the 60K thoughts you think per day how many are critical, negative or self-limiting? Thoughts effect your energy field and draw to you experiences of similar vibration that manifest in your reality.

Do you catch yourself being negative? resentful? egotistical?

How do you self-sabotage? We all do it. But how do YOU do it? And more importantly how do you stop doing it so you can harness the energies of the Universe to truly create the life you love!

The first step is AWARENESS. And you’re about 10 seconds away from shining a light on where you need to place your focus to start cleaning up your vibration TODAY!

To effectively manifest you must be able to get quiet, conscious and AWARE so you can choose to take inspired action, and have the courage to trust the inner guidance that will ultimately come forth as part of the ascension process as you raise your vibration.

Below get instant access to my High-Vibe Lifestyle Guide for 30 ways to clean up your energy vibration and start manifesting a life you truly LOVE!  -xox Sarah

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