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Soul Aligned Success – For Spiritual Coaches, Lightworkers, and Conscious Leaders!

Discover how to step fully into your power + purpose, monetize your gift + build the Soul-aligned business + freedom lifestyle you’re craving in weeks not months! LEARN MORE

Less Hustle, More Flow – For Busy Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Ditch the “Wonder Woman Syndrome” FOR GOOD and go from overwhelm and burnout to being on fire and in the flow! Plus learn basic energetic marketing principles including Sarah’s “yin/yang sales cycle” to magnetize your marketing and draw in your dream clients like a moth to a flame.​ LEARN MORE

10X Your Manifesting

Learn a powerful 7-Pillar manifesting formula to accelerate your manifestations with ease! For intentional co-creators ready for an advanced manifesting process that “The Secret” left out! This is not your average Law of Attraction training. LEARN MORE

Guiltless Abundance + Energy Clearing

Heal your inner child to manifest the abundance you deserve! This masterclass includes a bonus energy clearing + guided meditation to help you heal past wounds and break free from past conditioning. LEARN MORE

Spiritual Awakening 101

Learn what a spiritual awakening is, how to know if you’re in the midst of one, and the next steps to rise above the chaos and confusion associated with this auspicious phase! LEARN MORE

Receive Soul Guidance For Instant Clarity

Learn how to receive higher guidance. In this training you’ll learn how to communicate with your Higher Self and Guides + channel higher consciousness and open up your intuitive gifts! LEARN MORE

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