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Sarah Rose is an experienced entrepreneur, coach, and business mentor to divine feminine leaders and awakening women worldwide ready to live a life of freedom, peace, ease, and flow while being wildly successful on their own terms!

 Sacred Leader Academy – Fueled By Divine Femme

Are you ready to step boldly into your impact-driven mission as the divine feminine leader and conscious influencer you came here to be so you can uplift humanity with your authentic voice, gift, and message? Sacred Leader Academy is for you if you’re a spiritual coach, lightworker, visionary, catalyst, alchemist, or healer at your core and you’re ready to grow, launch and scale a Soul-aligned spiritual coaching business online that allows you to make a global impact while creating more fun,  freedom and flow doing what you love!   DETAILS + ENROLL

The Awakened Femme High-Level Mastermind

Ready to have your cake and eat it too? Are you a successful and driven female professional ready to have it ALL – in life + business (without the hustle, overwhelm, burnout, guilt, or self-sacrifice)? The Awakened Femme High-Level Mastermind is for you if you’re ready to ditch the hamster wheel of life chasing the proverbial carrot and live an aligned lifestyle rooted in flow, peace, prosperity, and ease.  When you begin to optimize joy, fun, and flow in your life your business also thrives beyond what you thought was possible and you become magnetic to the things you truly want to experience.  YES, you get to have the best of both worlds – inner and outer prosperity, the hallmark of aligned and sustainable success that is rooted in awakening and embodying your feminine essence within while fully integrating your masculine! APPLY NOW

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