Spiritual Laws

Are you in? Let’s play a game and test your manifesting skills shall we?!

Time to create massive shifts in what you are manifesting! In this livestream, I help you test your manifesting abilities. You can transform your life and make massive shifts when you start working with spiritual laws like consciously because you are a powerful co-creator with the Universe. I’m going to PROVE to you that you are a [...]

5th pillar to manifesting….manifest your dreams NOW!

It’s time to massage your vibration into alignment and manifest your dreams!  In this livestream, I share the 5th pillar to manifesting….how you can manifest the essence of your dreams NOW! If you can master what I teach in this 40-minute free training you will change your freaking life…seriously…this is pure GOLD! And if you like this kind [...]

4th pillar to manifesting + proven neuroscience technique to manifest success!

4th Pillar to manifesting + re-wire your brain to manifest success! In this livestream, I share the 4th pillar to manifesting that doubles as a proven neuroscience technique to manifest success! This is sooooo good! Find 40 minutes, get cozy and watch this entire free training. :) And if you like this kind of stuff you will LOVE My [...]

3rd pillar of manifesting + Top 2 intentions to manifest at the highest level!

Ensure your intentions are manifesting at the highest level!! In this week’s live stream, I share the 3rd pillar of manifesting…INTENTION, and the top 2 intentions to ensure you are manifesting at the highest level! My new group program launches on October 10th!! Click here to get instant access to the program + $1627 in bonuses before they expire! Per usual, [...]

Steps 1 + 2 of the manifesting process!

Master manifesting by working with spiritual laws in a practical way  In this week’s live stream, I share the first two steps to the manifestation process and how to work with spiritual laws in a practical way with techniques you can start TODAY! I also talk about my new group program that launches October 10th!! Click here for [...]

You MUST integrate this spiritual law to manifest what you want!

HINT: This spiritual law is NOT the Law of Attraction! In today’s live stream I share the spiritual law you MUST integrate when you’re sooo close to what you want to manifest (OR you feel like it will never happen)!! HINT–NOT the Law of Attraction If you want to join me LIVE for future trainings [...]