Sacred Ritual

8 steps to shift your BS!!

Are you stuck in patterns you don’t like? In this livestream, I share 8 techniques to identify and start shifting your limited bullshit story TODAY! Grab your journal. If you’re feeling called to work with me, and ready to create your dream lifestyle + business NO MATTER WHAT, submit your application HERE for coaching. **Serious AF action takers only** [...]

Accept that you’re the minority on a Soul mission and get on with it!!

Your Soul mission trumps your self-doubt. Are you hiding behind your gift, afraid to step out, afraid to polarize your audience and say what you truly feel from your Soul? In this livestream, I share why it’s so important to speak to the masses in a way that gives the people you are here to serve NO CHOICE [...]

How to overcome fraud syndrome + build your visibility like a badass!

Is fraud syndrome keeping you from getting visible online? Does fraud syndrome keep you from going big in your business? Do you worry about what happens if you go all in and aren’t successful? Are you just starting out so you don’t believe it when you call yourself a coach/healer/teacher, etc? Are you ashamed your past [...]

Divine Business (and LIFE) Strategy 101!

The #1 formula missing from your divine business model if you’re stuck! In this live stream replay, I share the #1 formula for getting unstuck in your Soul-driven divine business! I guarantee you are missing these things if you’re frustrated, overwhelmed, or feeling stuck. If you’re feeling called to work with me, and ready to create [...]