Divine Wisdom

Learn how to recognize and follow your intuition!

Follow your intuition and you will never go wrong! In today’s Wellness Wednesday video I discuss how to recognize intuition and answer a question from my survey; What is the little voice I hear in the shower or when I’m driving? This “voice” is your intuition, and we all have it. Intuition will speak to everyone differently and [...]

3 Ways To Know If You’re Following Your Intuition or Self-Sabotaging!

Welcome back to Wellness Wednesday! Today I wanted to chat with you about intuition and following your highest path. We’re often faced with resistance in our daily life and sometimes that resistance is telling us it’s time to consider a different path, while other times we’re just face-to-face with a fear-based habit blocking our deepest desires. [...]

Two Simple Tips To Cultivate Appreciation & Inner Wisdom

Replace ‘Got To’ with ‘Get To’ How often do find yourself saying, I got to, I need to, I have to, or worse yet, I should…(fill in the blank)? If your human, my guess is sometimes life’s daily events can often seem more like an assignment or chore than a gift. Even things we desire or want to do will [...]