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About Sarah Rose | Intuitive Transformation Coach & Soul Work Catalyst


I’ve been there. Feeling called for more but unsure what to do. Life felt like one struggle after another. As an entrepreneur, up until my early 30’s I used to let work demands, fears, and perceived shortcomings unconsciously rule my life (I was manifesting from my lower chakras). It took me awhile to tune inward and say, enough! I knew something had to change…but didn’t know what?! My journey began with cleansing and purifying on the physical level that yielded me marginal results. I felt like I was taking one step forward, and one step back, making zero progress. Yoga entered my life and I began an inward journey. Reiki and energy healing practices soon followed. I began to cleanse and purify on an emotional and energetic level. Meditation became a daily staple as I started to nurture my feminine and receptive side and strengthening my intuition. Once clearing many of the emotional blocks in my way I aimed my focus on training my mind and mental body, which has up-leveled my inner game exponentially. I can say now that I LOVE MY LIFE…and what a wonderful life it is! The Universe supports me fully and I’m always being guided.

In October 2013 I began a conscious collaboration with the Universe that allowed me to slowly begin to heal and recover from the Type A, stress-fueled worrier, work-a-holic, ego-dominant and highly defensive perfectionist that I thought I needed to be in order to “succeed”. I began the softening process of becoming unguarded and vulnerable, and long but necessary journey from head to heart.

A bit of my journey (maybe you can relate?)

Like everyone, I’ve had my fair share of life challenges to overcome. My hand that was dealt goes something like this…I grew up broke for the most part, with no healthy relationship to money, in a divorced family where my siblings and I bounced back and forth between parents. My father was an abusive alcoholic, blending dysfunction, fear, and instability as a common theme during my earlier childhood years. Needless to say, I had some trust issues and my defensive mechanism was to protect myself by hardening and throwing up walls around my heart.

In early adulthood, I spent the better part of a four-year period in a constant state of ‘fight or flight’. I found myself habitually drawn to stress, worry, and anxiety and started to suffer physically as a result. I often felt insecure, constantly comparing myself to others, and allowing my ego to direct my willpower, motives, and belief system. My ego and knee-jerk reactions were running the show! My core beliefs were that the world was competitive and unsafe, and I had to fight hard to get ahead, believing in a world of lack, scarcity, and that, good things come only if I could PROVE my worthiness through blood, sweat, and tears!

I attracted relationships with guys that were unwilling to commit or emotionally unavailable, as these relationships helped “keep me safe” by not having to commit and risk being hurt or betrayed all over again. My walls could stay up, even though I craved intimacy. I had a hard shell and lacked heart-centered vulnerability. I remember a point where smiling and nodding was my way to fake happiness, when really inside I felt weighed down and burned out by buried anger, resentment, worrying, and over-working myself. I allowed little or no time for myself to rejuvenate or relax. In fact, I felt guilty if I actually had a day off!

During this four year period, I made myself sick emotionally, then physically. I experienced financial hardship, the real estate crash, a start-up business collapse, ongoing underemployment, mounting debt, bankruptcy, the death of a friend, ongoing stress-related health issues such as IBS, candida, leaky gut, food allergies, SIBO, hormone imbalance, adrenal fatigue, and pneumonia. During this time I also experienced the devastating death of my father to cancer, whom btw I had not yet forgiven. This spiraling of events came in quick succession, proving now to be “the perfect storm” that cracked me wide open. In my early thirties, I got a crash course in all the biggies- health, money, relationships, security, and death.

When enough became enough, I made a clear decision and commitment that shifted everything.

I was desperate for answers, knowing that there had to be more to life than dealing with one anxiety-ridden mess after another.

One night before bed I got this insatiable urge out of the blue to start meditating. Several days later I went inward for answers, praying for what I needed to do to truly heal, and that night my first answer came to me in a crystal clear synchronistic dream. As I sat in meditation once again with clear intentions, taking the advice I just received, I found myself with an over-pouring of emotions and energy spontaneously flowing from my body. As I sat there with tears streaming down my face I began to feel lighter. A shift occurred and I knew I was cleansing. Several weeks later I prayed for my next steps. Answers came to me upon waking the next morning as a gentle, clear, and concise voice in my inner ear. I later learned this was a clairaudient (clear hearing) experience, and I was receiving messages from my Higher Self. By October of 2013, I realized I was in the midst of a spiritual awakening and experienced heightened intuitive abilities such as increased intuition, energy awareness, precognition, clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling), and claircognizance (clear knowing). As I began to integrate the healing guidance, I realized I was receiving a divinely scripted self-healing spiritual prescription straight from Source!

After my initial awakening, but before I really got to the source of what was making me sick, stressed, and disconnected, I was spending thousands of Dollars on supplements, naturopath visits, acupuncture, Reiki, colon cleanses, hypnosis, and clean organic foods…all while seeing only marginal results. I was dependent on something outside of myself to help me heal, becoming desperate again to free my body of health issues. Through my meditation, yoga training and intuitive guidance, I was able to recognize the victim role I was still playing and begin to get in front of my manifestations! I returned once again to the divine answers that came to me previously. My habitual patterns (samskaras in Sanskrit) were repeating, and I realized there were no quick fixes or shortcuts. I had to do the inner work. There was no way around it, only through it. I found myself dealing with the same dramas and traumas until I finally committed to the journey inward, to do the Soul work that no one else could do for me. And when I was consciously aware enough to pull my head above the cloud of chaos I created time and time again,  I was able to access the higher guidance again, as it never truly left me.

The truth I came to realize is that the trials and tribulations I encountered are simply part of my conscious spiritual path. They are not setbacks. Living a “spiritual” lifestyle is not sipping green juices and stepping on your yoga mat every day. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies either. The conscious spiritual path is a courageous up close and personal experience of every fear, limited belief, and false pattern of success that plays out over and over again until you break the karmic cycle.

I know that we all have an inner healer and access to spiritual guidance. As a spiritual teacher, it is my duty to hold space for you to awaken to this fact. That is it. The rest will take care of itself. We all have intuitive wisdom that is just waiting to be heard, whispering in our inner ear, but we have to be silent and aware enough to hear it. And if we go long enough without truly hearing the call of our own Soul, our bodies, minds, energy, drive, and passion for life pay the price.

I look back now and can say I’m grateful for growing up broke, for having a dysfunctional childhood, for the financial blow-back of my late twenties, the poor investments, the collapsed start-up business, the sleepless nights of anxiety worried about debt, bills, and living paycheck-to-paycheck, the shitty relationships, the mornings waking to the pitted knot in my stomach, for the four+ years of ongoing health issues, thousands in naturopath bills, and for having the father I did have. I’m grateful for it all!! That’s not just something I say because it sounds good, I feel it at my core! Not because I would choose it if given the option (even though I believe I did choose it on a Soul level before incarnating) but because now I live with the conscious awareness that everything…EVERYTHING…has been lining up for me from day one, co-created by me, to guide, heal, and support me on my own path of self-realization and Soul’s life purpose.

I consider myself so blessed at a young age to have learned through experience some of life’s most valuable lessons and to be able to share what I’ve learned with you in a practical way so you can easily apply what resonates with YOU into your daily life.

There are a few things I know to be true about YOU…

…YOU are reading this for a reason


…YOU are ABUNDANT, and you may be blocking it

…LIFE is meant to be experienced to the fullest

…MANIFESTING a life you love is a self-healing journey

…YOU never have to settle!

…YOU always have a CHOICE

…EVERYTHING can change in an instant


There is a peaceful awareness that resonates within when you consciously choose to see the bigger picture of life’s challenges. When you are willing to let go of everything you think should or shouldn’t be, and surrender in full faith to a larger design and purpose for your existence, the resistance drops, allowing an effortless unfolding for your true desires and dreams to manifest.

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