It’s Time To Heal Your Shit!

Heal your shit and reclaim your worthiness

It’s time to heal your shit and reclaim your worthiness!

In my opinion, life is too damn short to live a compromised life.

In today’s Wellness Wednesday video I riff with you on healing holistically and stepping up your health and wellness by rising above the physical level and diving deeper into the emotional and energetic healing that precedes physical well-being.

If you’re like me 10 years ago, you overly focus on your physical well-being and controlling things like diet and exercise in pursuit of wellness. Often to the point of obsession or exhaustion and to little or no avail.

It wasn’t until I up-leveled my wellness to release and clear on the emotional, mental and energetic level that I had a breakthrough with my health.

No one can dispute what ancient seers have known for years about the mind-body-emotion connection. Your emotions and mental state affect every cell in your body. And science has also proven that your body affects your emotional state.

You are energy and every aspect of your being is connected. You’re not just a physical being that has physical needs. You’re also an emotional being that has emotional needs. You’re a mental being that has mental needs. You’re an energetic being and everything is connected. Everything affects everything.

It’s time you integrate these fragmented aspects of yourself.


Because living a life of mediocre happiness and wellness doesn’t interest you. You’re weren’t born to play small-in health, life, career or otherwise! If you know this and this message is resonating with you, it’s time to heal your shit and do the inner work that no one else can do for you.

Your freedom, health, and passion for life depend on it!

…You know that anger, pain, and resentment you’re holding onto from when you were younger? It’s costing you your health and well-being.

…You know that stress and frustration that’s a result of you feeling like you’re always under the gun and chasing the carrot. It’s making you sick physically and emotionally. 

…You know that thing you’re embarrassed by that you try to avoid and pretend doesn’t exist. It’s keeping you playing small.

I can say this…being on the other side of wellness now for several years, the self-healing journey is sometimes scary, but worth it!!

You deserve to know what it feels like to be madly in love with your life.

In today’s video, I also announce the launch of my new 3-part training, The F*Word, to help you reclaim your worthiness through RADICAL forgiveness, self-love and self-acceptance.

Post your comments below the video and let me know if this resonates with you!

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