Manifesting Mistake…Stop NOW if you are doing this!

Don’t make this common manifesting mistake!

In today’s Wellness Wednesday video, I share with you one of the top manifesting mistakes I see blocking most people’s manifestations when they have a strong desire for something to come to fruition.

As a self-proclaimed spiritual alchemist, I’m addicted to being my own self-study project and fascinated with testing the laws of the Universe to realize the full potential our thoughts and intentions have on creating our physical reality.

And today I’m going to share some insight on how you might be making what you really want to manifest take longer than necessary.

So, you know that thing you really want…

…that thing that keeps you up at night or preoccupies your thoughts 24/7?

…that thing that is practically an obsession?

…that thing you journal about incessantly?

…that ONE thing that you can’t wait to have…because you desire it so damn bad it makes your heart hurt just thinking about not having it?

What if you could get what you really want quicker and with less effort?

…less thinking

…less obsessing

…less worry

Even if you’ve been practicing manifesting consciously for some time, and you think you are acting in accordance with good manifesting techniques…such as visualizing, acting as if, and journaling your desires…you STILL could be making this VERY common manifesting mistake!

So how do you get something you really want that has not manifested yet without sabotaging your co-creative process? I answer this in today’s video.

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