8 signs you are not in the flow and blocking your abundance!

Feeling overworked, overwhelmed, frustrated or “stuck”?!

When you’re feeling overworked, overwhelmed, frustrated or “stuck” you are not in the flow and actually fighting against the Spiritual Laws that will help you manifest what you truly want. We’ve all been there at some time or another, but is it your common “go to” setpoint?

If you can relate to any of these 8 scenarios below than this video is for you beautiful! This was me 5 years ago. I know what it feels like to be broke and want abundance, to be sick and want health, to be depressed and want happiness, and to feel depleted and want ease and energy for myself. I know what it’s like to feel guilty when I took time for myself or had a “day off”.

Let me know in the comments which ones below resonate with you and maybe you can relate to my story in today’s Wellness Wednesday video.

  • Do you often feel stressed, “stuck”, overwhelmed, or frustrated with daily life? 
  • At the end of the day do you often feel drained, tired, or emotionally depleted?
  • Do you frequently reassure yourself that once X, Y, or Z happens, then you’ll be happy?
  • Do you find yourself obsessing or worrying about certain potential outcomes?
  • Are you always making excuses of why you’re too busy for the things you love to do?
  • Do you often feel like life is a struggle, and you want to live more freely and in the flow?
  • Are you a workaholic or excessive people pleaser with little time for yourself?
  • Are you sick and tired, of being sick and tired?!

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