Are affirmations blocking your abundance?

Learn the truth about affirmations!

Often times when you hear people speak about manifesting, or the Law of Attraction, you are taught to just affirm what it is you want. While this can be very powerful it needs to be coming from a believable and empowered place or you’re actually sending out the wrong vibration. In your heart of hearts, you have to believe and perceive it to be something that is possible for you, and that you feel you deserve. The vibration of having a strong desire for something that you don’t have yet, but that you believe is on its way to you is a much different vibration than having a strong desire for something that you feel the pain or lack of and doubt it as a possibility. The Universe is responding to your vibration so you MUST have the right perception in place before doing your affirmations. I discuss this in more detail in this week’s Wellness Wednesday video below.

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