2 “Must” Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Mindfulness + Clean Eating

In today’s Wellness Wednesday video I discuss the combination of mindfulness and clean eating as the ultimate recipe for a healthy lifestyle. Being healthy is not just the mere absence of disease. True health is THRIVING on all levels…mind, body, and spirit. Adopting a clean eating lifestyle coupled with mindfulness will literally bring you into balance on all fronts, once it becomes a habit.

I discuss the SOUL method of clean eating, which is the cleanest and healthiest version of whatever diet you are following, whether it be vegan, Paleo, raw, etc. By following the SOUL method it’s estimated you will eliminate over 80% of the toxins you would otherwise be consuming, and when you add mindful eating to the mix you’re able to digest and assimilate your food better, overcome emotional eating, and have a more peaceful presence to boot!

Mindfulness, like everything else, is something that needs to be done habitually to be effective. So why not use something you do multiple times per day (eat) as a trigger to cultivate mindfulness? And when you make eating clean a necessity too, you will truly be empowering the highest version of yourself.

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