Your Brain On Change (3 Obstacles To Transformation & Creating Healthy Habits!)

3 Obstacles To Transformation & Creating Healthy Habits!

Fear is unique as it’s an instinctual survival mechanism and also an emotion. Fear is good when it detours us from walking down a dark alley and gets us home safely. But when it urges us to avoid non-lethal risks, adventures, change or hinders our ability to pursue our dreams it stiffens our spirit and disempowers us.

In today’s Wellness Wednesday video I share some insight on three obstacles that on a biological level, work against you when you set out to create new healthy habits or positive change in your life. Understanding the biological process behind the scenes as you set out to create massive change in your life helps to keep you focused on the bigger picture and hopefully be a little less self-critical when you experience a setback.

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Replace Fear with CuriosityWhether it’s a job, relationship or personal belief that you wish to change there is no short cut around millions of years of evolution. When you do decide to implement change that embarks you on a new, exciting and scary journey expect some resistance. Acknowledge the fear and be grateful for it, as it sometimes serves you well. Replace fear with curiosity and follow your intuition. When you commit to taking that first step towards any unknown, trust the uneasiness you feel is normal and temporary. Everything is temporary!

On a personal note, I believe that we are here in this human form for a reason and that when we align ourselves with our passions or purpose we are first tested. Our new passionate pursuit can lead to uneasiness, but when we meet this fear with courage we show the Universe we are ready for the next step. I also believe everyone’s purpose eventually circles back to helping others somehow or someway. Anytime I get butterflies, chills or nervousness energy when following my own inner compass it means I’m on to some form of truth that will shift my path in a purposeful way. It’s very exciting to take notice of these moments and events as they occur. For example my personal change I’m working on now that is challenging me and makes me uneasy is public speaking, yet I’m continuously drawn to challenge myself in this area because it helps me align with my life purpose.

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  • heather November 11, 2013, 6:48 am

    I loved this post so much, because lately I’ve been seeing that it really *is* all about perspective (as the saying goes); So this post really spoke to me 🙂 I especially love the part “Anytime I get butterflies, chills or nervousness energy when following my own inner compass it means I’m on to some form of truth that will shift my path in a purposeful way” … Thank you so much for giving that perspective; When I’m faced with these feelings I’m going to think of that and instead of feeling the fear that comes with the unknown I’m going to try to embrace it instead. Thanks so much for this post, it is really awesome!! 🙂

    • Sarah Rose November 21, 2013, 10:49 am

      Hi Heather, I’m so happy you connected with the message 🙂 Namaste!