Plan Like The Pros: How To Achieve Your Health (or Life) Goals For 2016!

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Do you often find your New Year’s resolutions never STICK? Do they always seem to rollover to the next year? Maybe you start out all pumped and super motivated…just to lose steam and have your goals fizzle out? Or maybe you’re just new to goal setting and you want to hit the ground running in 2016! Either way, even when we set out with the highest motivation and best intentions, setting and achieving goals is a challenge.

Goal setting has taken a larger role in my life lately, because I personally really, really, REALLY dislike routines and deadlines! I really have to challenge myself in this area of my life. I like to go with the flow most days, with the least amount of structure. This caused me in the past to shy away from setting project deadlines, or sticking to a routine that I know was in my highest and best good. Sound familiar? The ego will make all types of excuses on the path of progress, change, and personal growth and is very convincing!

I know your dreams and aspirations for your life are HUGE, and I know you will achieve more when you have a plan and system in place that inches you towards your goals.

We are beings of progress and when we’re not progressing we’re typically not happy campers. Our desires to refine who and how we are in this lifetime will never cease to be. We are here for a reason…to evolve! I’m not suggesting you are always chasing the proverbial carrot and you don’t live in the present moment and appreciate where you are at, but rather I’m suggesting that you harness your desires in a way that supports the lifestyle YOU want to live. Design a life by your vision-not your parents, not your spouses, not mine, not the latest new age thought leader, nor anyone else’s! When you’re ready to get clear on YOUR dreams, intentions, and aspirations, you can start to put together a structure that is worthy of your time. So the first step is to get CLEAR on what YOU want, then implement a system that supports your goals and highest aspirations.

In today’s Wellness Wednesday video I share 3 simple techniques, scientifically proven to help you achieve your holistic health (or life) goals. These techniques are simple, free, easy to implement, and commonly used by top athletes and high performers to create a life they truly desire, and you can too!

Watch the video and let me know what you think!

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