How to Discern What’s Truly Serving You!

Welcome back to Wellness Wednesday!

In this weeks Wellness Wednesday video I discuss very useful concepts to help you identify what is truly serving you in your life, and more importantly how to re-frame what you believe is not so you can move on for good!

When you encounter  circumstance in your life that is displeasing in some way, what is your typical reaction? Do you have a tendency to run from it, fight against it, or numb out? Do you look for someone to blame or try to justify the situation with a long back story of why “things just are the way they are”? These ego tendencies are smoke and mirrors that will keep you stuck repeating the same patterns of experience and habits (Samskaras in yoga/Sanskrit) over and over again, until you are able and willing to look deeper.

In this video I talk about how to release and let go of the patterns that are keeping you from feeling stuck, and continuously align yourself with the wisdom your life is offering you every day!

So how do you know what is truly serving you and what’s not? Watch the video and let me know what you think!

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