How To Release Your Inner Critic and Step Into Your Power!

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In today’s Wellness Wednesday video I answer a question from a newsletter subscriber,

“How can I get over my inner critic?”

Self-criticism, not feeling good enough, or always worrying about what others may think and how we measure up is an ego tendency and by-product of fear-based thinking. Everyone has an ego and everyone experiences self-doubt, self-criticism, and worthiness issues to some degree. These fears and limited beliefs about ourselves cause unnecessary stress, tension and resistance in our lives that separates us from the true essence of who we truly are at a core level. As a spiritual being having a physical experience, at our core we are a high vibration and loving being. The more layers of fear, criticism, self-doubt, and guilt we layer on ourselves, the more we feel the stress and tension as a result of not being in alignment with our Authentic Self. In this video I discuss simple tips to help shift your thoughts and perception. When applied to your daily life, this mindset will help to silent the voice inside you that swears your not good enough. You will begin to allow yourself the sacred space to learn, grow and ultimately step into your divine power.

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