Forgiveness, The Spiritual Girl Diet (+ FREE Meditation)

Forgiveness preludes any self-healing

Through forgiveness (an indirect expression of self-love) you free yourself from negative buried emotions and resentments that will eventually manifest physically as illness and disease. Embracing a hear-centered approach to daily living with forgiveness (for yourself and others), helps to clear the necessary space for all future self-healing.

In yoga therapy we refer to stored emotions such as resentment as “issues in the tissues”, meaning the unresolved feelings and emotions that have not been released are stored in your cells and physical body, leaving you physically sick and energetically scattered.

In a society where expressing emotions are looked upon as a sign of weakness, it’s important to witness them, and then consciously allow them to rise to the surface to be released. Neuroscience has already proven that emotions create peptides that travel to our cells and fit like a lock and key onto the receptor sites of our soft tissues. Bitterness and resentment effect our cells, tissues, hormones and the immune system, and people that are angry have more stress, higher blood pressure, and are more at risk for heart disease. Resentment, bitterness, guilt and shame are some of the lowest energies to be harboring. Resentment is the emotional equivalent of smoking when it comes to heart disease, especially for women where heart disease is the #1 leading cause of death.

If you’ve read my about page or my last e-newsletter, you already know that forgiveness has proven to be a powerful self-healing tool in my own holistic wellness journey and spiritual awakening process. The good news is the only requirement to release these negative energies is your willingness, desire and intention to do so.

Forgiveness is not to be confused with condoning behaviors or actions of others that you find hurtful or displeasing. But it is making peace with them for your own health.

I remember my big release days

When I sat silently in meditation with the dominant intention to release negative repressed emotions and resentment, energy came pouring out of me like a spontaneous eruption during meditation. Some days these emotions seemed to rise up and then linger around me for a bit, like a silent fog for a day or so (which was extremely uncomfortable), until eventually dissipating completely. I resisted the urge to re-bury them, allowing them to release.

If your past smells of nothing but roses than this post may still be for you

Often times its ourselves that we have to forgive, not others.  We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be perfect and measure up to expectations. And at the end of the day we judge ourselves by how well we measured up to society’s expectations for the various roles we play. Forgiveness is a form of acceptance. Can you accept where have been, and where you are now and have that be enough for today, with no guilt, shame, or regret? And then again tomorrow? And the next day?

This is easier said then done until you realize that what you hold in your heart for others, you hold for yourself. What you do to others, you to to yourself. Forgiveness offers freedom to YOU! It liberates YOU! Nevermind that at first it will feel like you’re letting the other person off the hook, and nevermind that you may never want to hear or speak of them again as a general preference. This is your ego tendency.

Letting go and finding peace

When you finally come to a place of forgiveness, you’ll have peace in your heart.

Forgiveness has proven to be a powerful self-healing tool in my own holistic wellness journey and spiritual awakening process. The good news is the only requirement to release these negative energies is your willingness, desire and intention to do so. I go into more depth in how to integrate forgiveness into your daily life in the Mind-Body-Spirit Challenge and I’ve put together an audio version of the forgiveness meditation and visualization that helped me personally heal past hurts and live a more heart-centered life. It’s inspired from an exercise in Louise Hay’s book, “You Can Heal Your Life“.  You can get a copy of this free forgiveness meditation here. If you find this free meditation helpful I’d love your comments below 🙂

Ready to take your wellness routine to the next level? Click the image below to join the Mind-Body Spirit Challenge to cultivate healthy holistic habits, and a more mindful and conscious approach to daily living.



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