Let Your Faith Be Stronger Than Your Fear & Why Confidence Is Overrated!

Easier said than done right?

Faith requires trust in yourself and the unknown. It requires you drop the need to figure everything out or “make things happen” in order for things to line up for you in your life. The hurdle is fear sets in when you begin to stick your neck out in blind faith. Faith requires inner courage to overcome the egos need to control outcomes and step into the unknown with a knowing that everything works out for the best.

Courage can only be realized through an act of courage. You can think, talk and speak of courage but until you ARE courageous you won’t be witness to the full realization of what it feels like to step into faith over fear. We can feel, feel, feel courage build, but then we must take action.

Courageousness can be like a veil that lies between where we are and where we want to be. We can see through this veil and the other side seems so close, yet unreachable at the same time.

As you become more courageous and faith-based in your daily life, you grow through fear vs. being paralyzed by it, you begin to wake up and realize you are already everything you seek, and you don’t have to ‘be’ or ‘get’ anything. You start to rest in the awareness that a courageous and trusting state of being is your true nature, and any fear that comes up is just there to help guide you.

So how do you consistently learn to trust yourself and the unknown? How do you release the resistance that is produced by fear enough to grow through it with faith and courage?

The first step is recognizing it for what it is and knowing the obstacles may come up. Aside from the ego that casts self-doubt, fear is also a protection mechanism. There is fear in threatening situations that can save your life, and then there is the fear you feel in daily life when you step out of our comfort zone and attempt to let faith take the driver’s seat. Our mind is trying to protect us because change is unfamiliar territory, and unfamiliar is a big security breach. Have you ever wondered why people stay in bad situations?  Even when we want to change, fear can often keep us stuck because on a primal level our mind wants to stay in familiar settings. So we have to ultimately want what we do want MORE THAN we want what we don’t want. Make sense?




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