Learn How To Meditate + Guided Meditations and Yoga Nidra

Did you know 90% of your choices are driven by your subconscious and most people only consciously choose their own thoughts and beliefs 10% of the time?!

Your subconscious thoughts and beliefs (which are largely shaped by the age of 7) are driving the train most of the time and we are just passengers along for the ride, reacting to our environment (created largely unconsciously) that we would otherwise have control over if we only had more awareness.

Have you ever wondered why your New Years resolutions fall short even with the very best intentions? This is because your unconscious mind needs to be on board with your conscious intention, or there is disconnect and your unconscious mind will win, every time!

Did you know 97% of our genes are considered ‘junk genes’ because modern science does not yet know their unique purpose?

We know more about our solar system than we do about our own brain. Just in the last decade or so, neuroscience has accepted neuroplasticity (our brains ability to re-wire itself), prior to that the belief was our brains could not re-wire neural connections. We also thought at one point the World was flat. Things change.

We are NOW at the tipping point of modern science and ancient wisdom colliding!

Now modern science is finally catching up with ancient yogic traditions that have known for thousands of years that we can heal our bodies through meditation and the power of our beliefs. There is a reason the placebo effect works 40% of the time! It’s now proven that meditation allows us to communicate with our DNA and change gene expression. This is proven modern science! For most, the mind and brain remains an an untapped resource that has the ability to self-heal and transform lives. In the energy-based MIND-BODY-SPIRIT Challenge you will be inspired to explore your levels of consciousness through developing your own mindful meditation practice. There will also be guided meditations and Yoga Nidra, an ancient deep relaxation and manifestation tool. You will be empowered to communicate with your body, mind, energy and subconscious on a subtler level, allowing you to release old karma (habits) and stored negative emotions or limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, calm the mind, find centered presence, reduce stress and anxiety naturally, and allow for a deeper mind-body-spirit connection.

Ready to take your wellness routine to the next level? Click the image below to join the Mind-Body Spirit Challenge to cultivate healthy holistic habits, and a more mindful and conscious approach to daily living.




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