Two Simple Tips To Cultivate Appreciation & Inner Wisdom

Replace ‘Got To’ with ‘Get To’

How often do find yourself saying, I got to, I need to, I have to, or worse yet, I should…(fill in the blank)? If your human, my guess is sometimes life’s daily events can often seem more like an assignment or chore than a gift. Even things we desire or want to do will seem like burdens if we perceive them as if we don’t have a choice! Practice taking back the empowerment of choice with this simple exercise.

1. Regardless of the event, when you catch yourself falling into the ‘passive victim, choice-less, chore trap’, whether it be loading the dishwasher, going to the gym, walk the dogs, or attending your friends soccer game, simply change the language you use to describe it. Example, ALL Got to’s, need to’s, have to’s all become GET TO’S!

Acknowledging your CHOICE in every little thing you GET TO do each day will cultivate appreciation in your daily life. (Tweet Worthy!)

Choose wisdom, drop the shoulds

Doing something because you should do typically implies your operating from a state of guilt or fear versus your own divine wisdom. We do things we should do out of fear of what others may think of us, it is a trap, craftily designed by our own Ego.

2. Omit ‘should’ from your vocabulary all together. You either desire to do something or you don’t. Make a choice and own it. (Tweet Worthy!)

Let’s face it, sometimes loading the dishwasher isn’t the most appealing thing on your agenda, I get that! So in those moments, ask yourself, why are you choosing to do it? There must be a reason. Maybe you choose to load the dishwasher because you like to keep a tidy home for your family. Switch your focus to why you are doing it.

Put it all in perspective

Have you ever thought of what it would be like to never be able to do some of the things you feel are just chores or tasks? What if you could never go to the gym again, take your dogs for a long walk, go to work to feed your family, or drive 30 minutes each way to watch a friends soccer game? This is the reality for some people. If these events were eliminated from your life as options and you could no longer choose to do them, would you miss them? If dishes piled up and you could no longer put them in the dishwasher to tidy up, would that bother you? When we embrace our power of choice we can begin to clearly see the beauty behind everything we do. (Tweet Worthy!) Little events and tiny details of our day begin to provide profound wisdom and meaning.

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