My Spiritual Awakening (The Early Years Pre 2014)

The Powerful Present Moment

May 17, 2014

A favorite yoga story…

A young American makes an arduous journey to the farthest reaches of the Himalayas, seeking to learn the secret of life and happiness from one of the greatest Yoga gurus.

Once in the Himalayas, he travels five days up into the mountains, through many trials and difficulties. Finally he reaches the high mountain pass where the great old man in a white robe and long flowing grey hair sits in lotus position, staring peacefully off into space.

The young man sits down next to the guru and assumes a similar pose, waiting for his words of wisdom. An hour goes by. Then several hours. Then a day, then several days.

Finally the young man says to the old man, What happens next?”The guru answers, “Nothing happens next. This is it.

When we are not in the present moment we are typically regretting the past or worrying about the future, which is the precipice of all suffering. We then desire things outside ourselves to bring temporary happiness or at least the illusion of happiness. When happiness and contentment prove to be short-lived, we inevitably start again and this cycle of the human condition continues. At some point in our lives, we become consciously aware of this cycle, even if only for a few moments. It is in this conscious present moment we experience our true nature and infinite possibilities. Our wisdom rises to our awareness as we witness the process of choice. The choices seem natural and are made with ease. Even difficult ones. Especially difficult ones. Because in the present moment, we just know. We don’t know the outcome or where our choice will lead, but we know the right action to take, and that is all that is necessary. This consciousness of the present moment gives us freedom. The present moment is where our truth, energy and power reside (Tweet Worthy!) It’s where the magic happens! What we believe to be true in the present moment shapes our reality and our health.

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