My Spiritual Awakening (The Early Years Pre 2014)


September 13, 2013

Note To Myself

Your existence in this World is not static or fixed.

Life instead is a string of fluid and fleeting moments. All people, places and things end. At least in this lifetime.

Cherish them.

Like a bouquet of freshly cut flowers, knowing they will pass makes them all the more precious. If they lasted forever, who would care?

Enjoy the moment.

Less really is MORE, as happiness and beauty come in the simplest forms!

Look for beauty everywhere and in everyone, and you will find it in yourself.

Know that difficult times will fade and take solace in every new beginning.

Sometimes, it’s okay to say, “so fucking what!”

Regardless of how much you think about the past or contemplate the future, all you really have is NOW.

xx Sarah

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