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The Case of the Blue Fuzzy Orange

July 31, 2013

In a state of internal balance, will disease proliferate?

Is finding balance (physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically) the key to living a disease-free life? This is not to say in order to heal one should not seek external medicines, herbs, detoxes, physical therapies, bodywork, etc. to help regain balance once it is lost. It simply suggests that in a state of consistent balance, disease is unable to take hold and thrive.

For myself life is about the quality not the quantity. Okay maybe its the quantity too! I want to live the healthiest, happiest most vibrant and inspired life for as long as possible! Chronic disease, fatigue, depression and stress does not fit into my equation and creating a rich life of  experience has taken center stage.

I didn’t wake up this way! I had to be sick of being sick before I finally decided to dig deep and look at my tendencies, habits and reactions that no longer serve me so I could assess and take on a whole ‘holistic’ approach to healing and living.

So…back to an inner state of balance. Let me elaborate with an example for you to consider.

That one moldy orange scenario…

Have you ever seen a bag of oranges with just one blue fuzzy orange completely overgrown with mold? Even with the moldy orange touching the rest of the healthy oranges, there is just that one orange that seems to be singled out and completely overtaken while the rest seem vibrantly orange!

Is it reasonable to assume that the mold or bacteria present on the moldy orange has also come into contact physically at some point with the other oranges in the bag?  If this is reasonable then the questions persists, why are the rest of the oranges not blue and fuzzy too? Consider the possibility that within this one particular moldy orange there is something that makes it less balanced and more susceptible than the rest, despite a reasonably consistent external environment.

Like the orange, our bodies have an inner environment, or ecosystem.

In Ayurveda it is referred to as a microsystem. The truth is we all have bacteria, toxins, molds, parasites, abnormal cells, etc., in our bodies. Maintaining true health may just be a matter of whether or not we’ve created an inner environment for them to thrive.

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