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My Tulum (Y_O_G_A) Takeaway

July 12, 2013

Yoga teacher training in Tulum–April 2013

With any travel experience I’m usually very excited with anticipation of what will unfold. This trip probably a bit more so but I love to travel for this same reason. The unfamiliar is always earmarked with an awareness that settles around me, pulling me out of my bubble. Allowing me to fully be present in the moment and view the World with that childlike wonder where everything is new and amazing!  It only made sense for me to deepen my yoga practice in this environment.

(Y_O_G_A) Your Obstacles Glean Awareness

Teacher Training Takeaway

Aside from studying, training relentlessly and test taking I managed to free myself from the human pretzel I found myself in long enough to take away a few juicy tidbits from Tulum. Things I already knew but definitely in need of reinforcement and practice in my daily life and yoga practice.

My fears or self criticisms are just thoughts that I can change at any moment, creating a new experience–on and off the mat. Live Fearlessly!

Holding on to negative energy only creates stagnation within my body and spiritual energy, draining me physically, emotionally and energetically. Let it go!

My body will flow where my attention goes (when its ready). Just like in yoga poses, in life, there is no need to force it. Practice patience!

Adversity is my greatest teacher. Look for the silver lining!

For the love of God stop holding my breath. Keep BREATHING! 

I’m grateful for having shared this fabulous experience with such an amazing group of yogis! 



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