The Ultimate ‘Fast Food’ Fix!

Take it from a junkie

Admittedly I’m a holistic nutrition junkie. I CRAVE healthy foods, healthy habits and nourishment from the inside out. I am a true whole food fanatic and I LOVE it! When I’m not physically eating something nourishing you’ll most likely find me grocery shopping, researching, reading, writing, blogging, talking or taking a class about something related to nutrition or mind-body wellness. Yes I have a life outside of these habits but it clearly borders on obsession. Don’t worry though I’m just fine with my addiction!

Superfood smoothie blends pack a nutritious energy punch in a hurry!

eat-clean-green-smoothie-recipesAs a nutrition junkie, consuming garbage high calorie, low nutrient processed foods is simply not an option when I’m short on time. For a fast meal or energy boost blending is my favorite quick-fix solution. Unlike juicing the cleanup is quick and smoothies contain healthy fiber which slows digestion and the absorption into your bloodstream. This in turn helps to regulate blood glucose levels. The fiber also keeps you feeling fuller for longer just like a meal and aids in healthy digestion. Don’t get me wrong, I love juicing too and it delivers instant nourishment to your cells but for more of a fast food fix, smoothie blends are the ticket!

I find simple smoothie recipes with few ingredients taste the best. Plus since the fiber is present (unlike juicing) they can get pretty thick so I try to limit the ingredients and mix it up throughout the week so I don’t get bored. Play with the ratios and remember to write down the recipes you like! Personally my fresh fruit intake is limited to about 1 cup or so a day and I like to utilize that as frozen mangoes or dark berries in lieu of ice for my blends.

Smoothies can be very budget friendly and a fabulous way to GET YOUR GREENS!

A few of my favorite superfood smoothie staples:

Green base of organic kale and/or spinach with filtered water-Vitamins, minerals, insoluble fiber, chlorophyll
Frozen organic dark berries or mangoes
Organic coconut shreds
Chia seeds-High in antioxidants, omega 3 (ALA), soluble and insoluble fiber, calcium, essential amino acids, complete protein
Cinnamon-Helps regulate blood sugar
Organic cacao nibs–High in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber
Organic coconut oil-Healthy fat (MCFAs), supports metabolism, immune system, anti-viral, anti-bacterial
Flaxseed with lignans-Omega 3 (ALA), soluble fiber
Fish oil-Omega 3 (EPA + DHA), anti-inflammatory
Pea protein powder–Easily digestible
Glutamine powder-Amino acid (BCAA), cellular health, build/maintain muscle mass, tissue repair, protein synthesis
Spirulina-B12, calcium, essential amino acids, complete protein, antioxidant, immune support, chlorophyll
Organic cracked cell chlorella with cilantro-Cleanses toxins/heavy metals, detox, B Vitamins, essential amino acids, complete protein, chlorophyll

 Blendtec vs. Vitamix?

I use a Blendtec. The only downside I see to the Blendtec is there is no stir stick so sometimes I have to stop and open it up to stir if my smoothie is too thick. For the most part though it works great and I use it for instant coconut ice creams, homemade hummus, cashew cheese and hot soups in addition to smoothies! I would not be able to function without my Blendtec! Yeah they are expensive but about $1/day for the first year pays for it. I justify that by less doctor visits. I have not tried the Vitamix yet. If you have any feedback on Blendtec vs. Vitamix or you have a favorite smoothie recipe please share your comments below.

*You should consult your healthcare practitioner for your individual needs before adding any supplements to your regimen.




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