My Spiritual Awakening (The Early Years Pre 2014)

My AHA Yoga Moment

April 8, 2013

To be perfectly honest when I first started yoga I didn’t care for it much. I was in my early 20’s. I did not appreciate yoga for what it was…a transformative process and inward journey.

I came into a yoga class with expectations that I was going to get fit, skinnier, leaner, bikini ready, and walk out looking like Gweneth Paltrow. I’ve always been athletic, fitness-oriented, and played competitive sports or hired a personal trainer/coach, etc and I LOVED a physical challenge (still do)! Yoga for me needed to either tighten my glutes or help develop ripped abs or I quickly lost interest. I turned to it more for physical fitness. My mantra then was ‘bigger, faster, stronger’, ‘go hard or go home’, ‘no pain no gain’…you get the point. Surely there was no room for a Savasana! (I cringe now as I write this!)

In my early to mid 30’s, with some real lessons under my belt and the added wisdom that comes with life scrapes and bruises, I’ve rediscovered yoga as if it was for the first time. I’m now open and able to receive its message.

Yoga is no longer about expectations, what I want, or what I THINK I need. It’s not about competition with others, or most importantly with myself. Instead, my yoga practice is dedicated to acceptance, being in the moment, staying positive, being grateful, cultivating compassion, and overall finding, trusting, and respecting my true Self.

I’ve also come to learn that overall wellness encompasses much more than eating right and having a strong physical body. In the past, I counted calories. Today I count blessings. Yoga for me is a lifestyle tool that helps me to maintain a heart-centered life focus. How could one NOT transform from taking 60-90 minutes a day to fully be in the moment and breathe into every cell of their being acceptance, patience, and compassion?

As always I love to follow my passion and what inspires me, so I’m so excited and grateful that I have this new opportunity to pursue a yoga teacher certification in gorgeous Tulum, Mexico!

I look forward to sharing with you more AHA moments along the way as I deepen my yoga practice. Follow me on Instagram for travel pics from Tulum!

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