My Spiritual Awakening (The Early Years Pre 2014)

Acting on Faith and Intuition

April 6, 2013

I notice I often find myself drawn to writing, drawing, or painting when I feel a little too much weight on my shoulders or just need to unwind and relax a bit. I attempted a furniture refurbishing project last weekend that allowed me this therapeutic outlet. As I painted away changing the look, feel, and texture with each brush stroke I began to contemplate my own personal change and transformation.

Positive change and developing a deeper sense of self have taken center stage in my life. With my basic needs being met and my professional life on track I now feel pulled in a different direction than what I’ve come to know. My priorities have evolved.

When I look back at my twenty-something years it’s easy to see just how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned. My habits, thoughts, outlook, diet, respect for my body, surroundings, and lifestyle have all evolved. As I reflected I realized the only changes in my life that made any real impact and altered my path occurred when I was willing to make a decision and put things into motion at the drop of a dime. I’ve always been a dreamer, thinker, and believer in possibilities…But all that aside when I look back I realize the moments that changed my course forever were the ones that I acted on in faith without hesitation.

I’m grateful to recognize now from a fairly young age that life happens when we just dive in, the best things sometimes are not perfectly planned out. The best things aren’t what we dream about, talk about, think about, plan, or hope for but physically what we put into motion! Sometimes my analytic side wants to do a dry run in my head a million times over, dissecting, scrutinizing, anticipating outcomes, and building expectations all in an attempt to get the perfect outcome before I ever even start!  This has held me back in the past. This is not to say a little planning, research, or pros vs. cons analysis is not in order, but at the end of the day, it either feels right and aligns with me or it doesn’t. Now I find embracing what feels right regardless of the potential outcome empowers me to consider a situation and then either move on completely or just do it!

My biggest acceptance to get me to this point was that I am an active participant and driving force in my story and how it unfolds. I actually have a role in this crazy existence of mine. I am the director of my own play. I understand that my inaction or lost opportunities will have more significance on my future than the endless pursuit of that perfect outcome. Most importantly my biggest lesson the last few years is that trying something AND possibly failing at it is not only okay with me but may be a blessing in disguise. I look forward to the lessons, and how they may shift my course ever so slightly, into the unknown.

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