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March 6, 2013

If you were hoping this blog was all about nutrition and recipes I’m sorry to disappoint you. Optimal nutrition and clean eating does lay a foundation for overall wellness and enables us to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually if we’re so inclined. But understanding proper nutrition is also crucially important for a balanced mind, open heart, stress-free lifestyle, nurturing relationships, positive thoughts, and overall wellness. When you fuel your body with nutritional goodness, healthy habits, and love you are showing yourself respect. And this means other fabulous things are bound to follow as a result.

There is so much more to living than what is being revealed to us in our daily grind! If I want to truly reach out and grab my slice of life and reach my true potential I was going to have to dive in a lot deeper than just my eating habits! I realized that being inspired should happen daily and negative inner thoughts should always fall on deaf ears. This understanding that we really do create our own destiny, path, and purpose is so amazing! My newfound realization that fitting into my skinny jeans was no longer my purpose inspired me!  Nutrition served for me as a portal to a part of myself I’m only vaguely familiar with at the moment. I have bad moments like everyone. However, my bad moments now are just moments and no longer linger with me for hours or days totally draining me. It’s still a challenge but I’m learning to release them. I’m cognizant of them and instead choose to embrace with open arms a life full of positive intention, healthful habits, love, and an overall sense of wonder and possibilities!

Once you have respect for your body by nourishing it and caring for it in a healthy way…even if for superficial reasons at first, a deepened level of self-awareness will reveal to you.  Luckily, just like my newly inspired yoga practice, the joy is in the journey! I breathe into my practice daily with powerful intent a kinder, less judgmental,  increasingly positive, motivated, inspired Self. I am a student of this gorgeous life and as such I’m learning to shift my awareness from self-doubt to self-love.  I’m aware (sometimes painfully) of my actions and more importantly reactions.  When I’m not satisfied with them I’m determined to shake things off and look forward to getting it right the next time. I have slowly started to release my expectations of the World and the people around me. I realize now my imperfections are what make me unique and serve as lessons on my journey.

You will hear me blog a lot about my experiences and travels because that is what I can do, share my own experiences and insight. This is not a recipe blog, nor does it completely revolve around nutrition, yoga, fitness, spiritualism, or any one thing. It will revolve around everything that moves me as I peel back the layers on my path. Hopefully, there is a subscriber or two that can relate.  If something connects with you please share it–good or bad. You will never know when you may affect someone else in a positive way.


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