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D-I-E-T is NOT a Dirty Word

August 28, 2012

Yes D-I-E-T is a four-letter word…

So is love, heal, grow, and hope

D-I-E-T doesn’t have to imply negative connotations like its’ dirty four-letter word distant cousins. The fact is everyone by definition is on a diet. Diet by definition is ‘food and drink regularly provided or consumed’ and the act of dieting is simply changing your current habits to alter your ‘food and drink regularly provided or consumed’. So there you have it. You are on a diet. What kind of diet you choose to follow will make the difference in your quality of life, mood, mental clarity, appearance, fitness level, energy levels, and success in disease prevention, or lack thereof.

D-I-E-T is not DIRTY

The problem with diet is it’s the marketing term of choice used to hook consumers desperate for change by companies, manufacturers, booksellers, and pill pushers that want you to buy into the next big fad. These fad diets usually make BIG promises of QUICK results with EASY or LITTLE effort which (even if they work in the short term) are not sustainable.  So consumers pin their hopes and dreams on unrealistic expectations that inevitably always lead to failure, frustration, self-pity,  etc., etc., etc. until of course, you buy your next quick fix.  It’s a vicious cycle…one I used to know all too well.

There are no shortcuts to optimum health

Health is a long-term commitment. Unfortunately for most, we don’t realize how important our health is until we experience a major health issue first hand. The good news is our bodies are resilient and able to heal themselves if given the proper building blocks!  If you start to perceive your diet as habitual (done as a habit) then you would begin to have a relationship with your food that takes on a whole new meaning. You would see diet not as some four-letter word full of empty promises but rather as a lifestyle opportunity that empowers you every day to be healthier than you were the day before.

Everyone starts somewhere…

It’s no secret as a self-proclaimed ‘holistic junkie’ and holistic nutrition student at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) I am an advocate of a plant-based organic diet. I didn’t always eat healthily. Over the last few years ‘red flags’ with my own health led me to take a seriously closer look at my diet. After two years of self-study it became obvious that even though I believed I was a healthier eater than most, my diet needed a major makeover.  I’ve experienced proven positive results that I can’t ignore by switching to a plant-based whole-food diet.

The only advice I can share with you is to steer clear of the quick fixes or diets that have no science to back them up and do your own research!! Become your own health advocate. Listen to your body. Know that your chosen diet is a lifestyle, not something you can do for a few weeks or a few months and achieve life-changing results.

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