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Do you have abundant consciousness?

Hi, I’m Sarah, aka The Spiritual CEO! I’m an intuitive life coach, spiritual alchemist, and transformation catalyst dedicated to helping ambitious women (YOU) heal and transform the doubt, fear, and sabotage so you can align with your Soul and unleash your magic!

Let’s clear the energetic blocks and patterns keeping you from living the abundant, healthy and freedom lifestyle you dream about – on your terms – with grace, ease, and flow!

I see you!

You’re ready to go ALL-IN and you know in your heart of hearts that you’re destined to experience so much more wellness, fun, vitality, joy, freedom, and ease than you’re currently allowing.

You’re so over living a comprised life. Settling is no longer an option. You want it all! You’re ready to experience abundance and success without sacrificing the health, balance, ease, and freedom you crave!

Here’s a newsflash for you. Your current reality is a reflection of your inner consciousness.

Yep! Your life, health, money, relationships, and business, etc. are a mirror reflecting back to you what you need to heal/release/clear/re-frame/alchemize in order to TRANSFORM and get to your next level!

But you already know this on an intuitive level, and that’s why you’re here. You are no longer willing to prostitute your Soul and sell out your life experiences.

You’re no longer willing to settle for a compromised life while caught in the endless hustle and hamster wheel. WTF is the point of that?!

Here’s the thing, I know you’re successful, and you’ve got “all the things” one typically requires to be content from the outside looking in, yet you are not fulfilled or satisfied. Anyone else you know could be perfectly happy and content with what you’ve amassed for yourself thus far in the physical world, and live happily ever after, but NOT you.

You are being called for more. You want it ALL!

And you’re not sure yet how that looks, what that feels like, and what the F* is standing in your way. But, you are unwavering in your determination to obtain it, that much is certain.

Looking back now, it’s clear…

I could have saved YEARS of lost MONEY, JOY, LEISURE, TRAVEL, FUN, and FREEDOM had I integrated the transformational lifestyle practices and processes that I share in my mentorship programs.

Years I will never get back!

So, essentially what I’m getting at here is this, it’s time you drop the dead weight no longer serving you and raise your consciousness to higher levels in order to experience the confidence, health, success, ease, freedom, and fun that you’re currently sacrificing right now.

In short, you need to EVOLVE. And this process involves a clearing on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually (aka “holistic”) of everything that no longer serves you!

Imagine what it would feel like to be the CEO of your life. Where you call ALL the shots and design your life on purpose, with plenty of time fun, travel, a healthy body, and an aligned balanced lifestyle…with time just to be YOU!

Are you ready to break the sabotaging patterns once and for all?

If you’re still with me and you’ve read this far, it’s because I can help you.

You were drawn to me for a reason. And luckily for you, facilitating rapid growth and transformation is my zone of genius. Meaning, I’m really f’ing good at what I do!

If you’re thinking it has to take a lot of time, effort, energy and hard work to transform your life, it’s time you shift that, because it’s just not true! I work on the energetic level and my clients see shifts the same day they hire me.

I’ll prove it to you.

Your dream lifestyle is waiting!

I’m taking ambitious goal-digging women to their NEXT LEVEL in health, life, business and beyond. I don’t do surface level. I facilitate inner work from the inside out that is transformative at its core for soul-shifting breakthroughs and accelerated growth and transformation. If that’s what you’re being called to do then this is your invite to apply to work with me

Praise & Gratitude

I have been working with Sarah as my personal coach. She is Ah-Mazing!!!!! She has helped me through a very difficult time and has taught me the tools that I need to get un-stuck, dissolve my fears and to be in the flow. I HIGHLY recommend Sarah if you are looking for a coach or you just need some guidance or if you need to be called out on your sh*t. LOL. Life is too precious to be living in Fear, Doubt, and a Scarcity…WTF? Where’s the Fun? –Lisa A.

“I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep tonight if I didn’t sign up. I enjoyed our call so much and know that you will lead me to knowledge, growth and getting beyond the bullshit- 40 years is long enough to carry that! I turn 41 January 26 and I’m ready to kick ass!” –Jessica R.

“Absolutely love Sarah!!! After only a few weeks of working with her, I have made huge shifts in my life and I’m finally able to see my hopes and dreams starting to come to life! I highly recommend Sarah, if you’re looking to finally clear your path, get out of your own way and learn to trust yourself this is where you need to be! The best personal investment I have ever made for myself!” –Kristen M.

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